Summer Break Travel, Transportation and Traffic!

Vacation or staycation, safety first!

Time is changing, days are getting longer, and we are eager to get outdoors, and spring break has friends and families planning their first getaway. Whether you are heading to the airport, sporting event, concert or planning a road trip, safety is top of mind to a happy and healthy vacation or staycation.
Travel safety, what is on your list?  Here are DriveDenver tips for safe travel.
  • Share your travel information or share your location with a family member or friend that you trust.
  • Know road conditions if you are hitting the road to include major detours and road closures.
  • Weather information, download a trusted weather app and search your destination and stops along the way.
Transportation safety is a priority! Proactive thinking!!
  • Awareness of your surroundings.  Know where you are, who is around and what is going on.
  • Seatbelts, everyone, buckle up!  Kiddos in age appropriate car seats, buy one, borrow one but use one!
  • Adopt an attitude of patience and that transportation safety is a shared responsibility.
  • Traveling with kiddos, always keep your eyes on them.
Traffic is a reality, road and foot traffic, be prepared.
  • Look and follow the signs, they are everywhere.  Drive the speed limit, cross at designated crosswalks, watch for pedestrians, cyclists, learner drivers.
  • Blind spots, yours and others.  Slow down, look and listen.
  • Auto checkup: turn signals, headlights, horn, seatbelts, tires and brakes, gas up and change the oil.
Before you lock the door, did you . . . ?
  • Bring more than one funding source: cash, credit card and second credit card?
  • Do you have your ID and do others in your party have their ID?
  • Pack or wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing?
  • Remember tickets and reservations in your bag and/or on your mobile device.
  • Anticipate security checkpoints and plan accordingly.
  • Checking bags?  Carry on a ‘go bag’ in case your bag is lost or delayed.
  • Extra set of car keys is always a good idea.
  • First aid kit, do you have one?  Pull one together and put the items in a small plastic bag.

Simple planning makes all the difference in whether your vacation or staycation is one that you would repeat.  And remember, DriveDenver is a phone call or text away from relieving you of the stress of dropping you off and picking you up whether it is a family picnic, airport travel or local destination.

Safe travels!
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