Customer Service, a Good Neighbor

attitude and action

Do you travel locally, across the U.S. or Abroad?  When you step out your front door you encounter people and likely are challenged by the attitudes and actions of those in our community, country and our world. 

Customer service is being a good neighbor, following the golden rule and respecting others.  There are podcasts, training programs and videos, books and seminars that train people in customer service.  If you know your product and/or service, deliver it to others in a manner that says, “you are important”.   Customer service is not a ‘thing’ but is an attitude and the action that supports the attitude.  

Take the good neighbor test.
  • Are you friendly?
    • Greet strangers and friends with a smile, shake a hand, wave to a neighbor.
  • Do you strive to always be kind?
    • Please, thank you, I’m sorry and excuse me, go a long way.
  • Are you helpful?
    • Pick up trash, open and hold a door for a stranger or friend, run an errand for someone, fold the laundry.
  • Do you consider others?
    • Keep your commitments, deliver on your promises, send a note of sympathy, congratulations or support.
DriveDenver provides concierge transportation services because we want to make daily travel and transportation easier for our neighbors and the DriveDenver family.  Transportation is expensive, stressful and time consuming and at DriveDenver we consider all the characteristics of the good neighbor test.  For those that like to see the numbers, it is broken out below.

Consider this when you decide whether to call a transportation service.  
  • The annual cost to own and operate a mid-size SUV at 15,000 miles per year is  $12,182 (according to AAA). How many cars do you own? 86 percent of U.S. households have at least one car for every driver, and 28 percent have more cars than drivers. 
  • Stress is a fact of life and driving is a contributing factor and how we drive is affected by stress.  The impacts of stress are intolerance, distraction, and decreased attention span.  In the worst case scenario road rage and accidents occur.
  • The average time spent behind the wheel is 17,600  minutes (293 hours) per driver and 13,506 average miles and 62% of total miles driven are solo trips.  Add to that the 42 average hours sitting in traffic every year.
It is with intention that DriveDenver encourages our riders to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.  We pride ourselves on being a good neighbor because transportation is expensive, stressful and time consuming.
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