Communication, What is Your Preference?

person to person or person to virtual assistant, bot or AI

We live in a digital age, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach out and communicate with a ‘human.’   I’m not qualified to speak about the impact to our mental health, physical wellbeing, sense of community and our overall culture, but it certainly is changing how we communicate and how I feel overall.

I am surprised when a person answers the phone. I am impressed when the person answering the phone is happy and positive. And I am over the moon when the person answering the phone engages and is eager to assist and answer my questions. Honestly, it makes my day!

I want to be heard, listened to and understood. In all the communication classes, books and seminars  I have attended over the years without fail the most important aspect of communication is listening. In my experience a bot, digital assistant or AI cannot and does not listen and I find myself frustrated and angry and it negatively impacts my attitude and my day.

Do you find that people in general are not kind and tolerant? Courtesy and patience are in short supply. We are forgetting how to be social.  Our interpersonal skills are suffering.  Do you leave a voicemail message and what you receive in return is an email or text message? Have you been in a department store looking for an item only to be told that the item is only available online?  Shopping online is the norm.  I have an Amazon Prime Membership and do a fair amount of shopping on Amazon and with the success of Amazon, most people do as well.  Likely you book your travel online at Travelocity or Southwest Airlines or other online platforms.  Do you order takeout from DoorDash or UberEats?  We no longer communicate on a regular basis with our community.  UNTIL we have a problem!

DriveDenver Car Service wants to talk to our customers. We enjoy listening to their life story and hearing about their travel and special events. We want to learn about them so that we can provide them with the best transportation experience.

DriveDenver accepts transportation requests via text message/phone call (303-717-8113) or email at The person responding to the request for transportation is a human and we are happy to hear from you.

DriveDenver Drivers are working professionals who are invested in our community and its people.  Drivers are caring, professional, kind and considerate with proven driver safety records.

DriveDenver Cars are safe, clean and comfortable, GMC Yukon XL and GMC Yukon Denali vehicles.  Cars are detailed and cleaned by Jazz Carwash and Detailing, safety inspected by Sun Valley Automotive and have candy, water, phone chargers and are comfort controlled.  

DriveDenver is insured, licensed by PUC and hold a Denver International Airport permit.

We look forward to an opportunity in your choice of DriveDenver Car Service for your transportation needs. Let us impress you as you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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