How Do You Get From HERE To THERE?

By Debra Scifo - July 3, 2024

Just another Monday. I pulled out of my driveway this morning and followed my usual route to the stop sign at the end of my street,  I had a decision to make.  The realization that if I turned right and took my usual route to my meeting, I would confront the road construction and the ensuing line of traffic that I have confronted daily since February, now mid-July By the time I get to my meeting, I’m frustrated and irritated, not a good way to begin a new week.  I chose to make a left turn.

My drive took me through the neighborhood, speed bumps and stop signs, but no traffic. Summer flowers and green manicured lawns were displayed along my route.  Trees were boasting their full green attire and all colors of petunias were on front porches and in flower beds. Neighbors were out and about walking the dog, cleaning out the garage and putting mail in the mailbox.  And to think just a mile or two to the west of me was a whole other world of traffic, honking horns and rude and irritated people!

This is going to be a very good day and all because I took responsibility for my journey.  There are so many ways to get from here to there, choose the path that is good for you.  It may take you a bit longer, or a lot longer, to get where you are going, but the journey is more important than the destination.  I knew that and had been told that a time or two, I just never experienced it.  Now I have and I’m a bit wiser.  A small lesson with grand possibilities.

Whether you are going to a meeting and want to pick up a customer or colleague along the way and make a stop for a coffee,  headed to a concert or ball game, maybe a day of golf or out to lunch.  Call or text DriveDenver, 303-717-8113, we will ensure you have a stress free ride to wherever your destination.  And, we will be there to take you to your next stop or back to your front door.

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